Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Evaluation Question 1 - Tom Swift

Question 1
I know how important it is to keep an audience immersed in a film, breaking continuity in a film can take a viewer out of the film and make it a bad experience for them.  For example if there was a person wearing a pair of sunglasses and in the next shot, they aren't wearing any, it can confuse a viewer.

When we were filming, all our scenes were shot together, this helped us a lot as there were no problems with people wearing different clothes during a scene, which would break continuity, also we were aware of it all the time and made sure that there were no errors in the background of each shot.

We also had to take into account things such as the 180% rule, which is a vital importance within a film, this is where the camera must always stay on one side of an invisible line.
Our film is a Psychological Horror with mystery mixed in as well, we tried to make sure that we kept to the genre as close as possible and to ensure we did this, we researched heavily the different films with similar types of genre, i looked at films such as Shutter Island and Jacob's ladder, which are both good films to look at as they are in the same type of genre and are fairly similar. We did this to see what different tricks they used. 

I feel that our film does meet the criteria of the genre and that we successfully projected this genre well to our audience, we used things such as music, lighting, costumes and editing all to link with the genre of our film.

We did try to use the effects and different tricks in our film which other films use, however we did not use them very often. There are 2 points in our film which we use the same editing trick as another film in its genre, the first, which is the shaking head effect from the film "Jacobs Ladder" and the second which is the eerie music we used in the majority of our film, which is used in a lot of different films of this genre.

In our film we have tried to make the audience to have to try and predict what is going to happen and to allow them to try and figure out the plot, this keeps the immersed in the film and makes them enjoy it more than them understanding exactly what is about to happen next. I feel that in our film we may have made it too confusing for this to be accomplished and for a first time viewer, it is a little confusing and difficult understand.

There are some different films where we used different ideas so that our film would be in that genre, for example from the film "The green mile" a man a guard is possessed by John Cofee and then murders another inmate, in our film, a man picks up the die and is possessed and then kills someone because of it. Another other film which we relate to in our film, is "The Ring" where an object with power takes control of a person, in this case, one of the hobbits. 

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