Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Evaluation Question 4 - Tom Swift

Question 4
Throughout our film, we used the iMac computers to do produce our film. The biggest amount of time for our research was used on the internet, where we used sites such as the IMDB website ( to research initially into what genres are currently doing well and then later on, to do reviews on other films in the same genre that we picked.

Another piece of very useful technology that we took advantage of  is Blogger ( This allowed us to keep up to date with all the information we have on our film, from character profiles to the evaluations, they are all in one place and easily accessible and easy to navigate around. Also during the evaluation stage of our production, blogger allows us to imbed videos, photos and sounds to enhance the quality of our work and make our work look more original.

When we had our initial idea for our film, we designed a questionnaire, so that we could get constructive feedback for it. This was made simpler for us as we made the questionnaire on Google docs, (seen in image A) this helped us send it out to people we know on social networking sites, like Facebook ( and Twitter (
Our film poster was created using  Adobe Photoshop and it was a very useful piece of technology to use as allows the user to do anything with a photo, this allowed for us to go creatively mad and change the poster a lot, however one downfall to this, was that our poster took quite a while to edit and change, there were a few problems that we had during this period as Photoshop can sometimes be difficult to use, but once you get the hang of it, it is an amazing piece of software.

 I think that this equipment that we were provided with, throughout our film production, was vital to the quality of our final production, which was published in the HD format and the cameras, computers and other sound recording equipment are all top of the range, with any lower quality equipment, the film wouldn't look nearly as good as it does. 

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