Friday, 16 November 2012

Jacobs Ladder

The film Jacobs Ladder is about a soldier in Vietnam who get stabbed by a bayonet. Jacob then has terrible hallucinations with them gradually getting worse. This is similar to our film because we plan on using the famous head shaking effect. We are planing on using this effect in some parts of the film as the effect is quite complicated to do. The film then goes on to say how Jacobs son was killed before he went to Vietnam. After some more hallucinations Jacob sees his son at the bottom of the stairs. They then both go up the stairs together into a bright light. The film then shows Jacob in a medical tent in Vietnam being pronounced dead. It turns out that Jacob never made it out of Vietnam and that the hallucinations were just his dying hallucinations. The film is similair to ours because it is a psychological horror that plays on peoples emotions towards the main character.         

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